I’m John, and I write things.

I’d disregard this little lot for now, if I were you, because a) I’m not really a freelancer any more and b) even if I were, my limited enthusiasm for writing commercial copy would still be largely blunted by the exigencies of trying not to die of cancer (more on which elsewhere). Let’s talk about work if I don’t die, eh? Cheers.


I’m a freelance writer and editor of no particular stripe, working out of a little flat in the East End. I have five years of experience doing everything from subediting and churning out news stories to running websites and coordinating dozens of staff writers, in fields ranging from arts journalism to ecommerce.

(If I were a particular sort of person, I’d probably call myself a ‘wordsmith’ because I’m not completely a journalist, a copywriter or an editor. However, it’s my belief that the first and most important qualification for budding wordsmiths is to be able to write something more interesting than “I am a wordsmith”.)

I’m currently earning most of my crust as a commercial copywriter, producing blogs, site copy and other bits of content for a variety of B2C and B2B companies. When I’m not doing that I like to write about food, drink, travel and film. You can find out more about all these things here.

I’m available for thousand-article contracts, lightning rewrites and everything in between. If you’re looking for a writer, editor, proofreader or something similar, I’d be glad to send you writing samples or run off something to order. You can see a complete list of the things I do (or, at least, the things I’ve done so far) here. If you’re looking for something I haven’t mentioned, get in touch anyway and we’ll work something out.

My full CV is available here, and I can always be contacted by email – although if you’re in an especial hurry, you might want to try Twitter too.

Thanks for stopping by,